Homan-Made Soups - Chicken Noodle, Potato Chowder with Bacon & Cheddar, & Maybe a 3rd Today!               

Bierly's Hot Sausage - Cooked with peppers & onions & marinara.  Locally sourced.                                      

STUFFED Meatball Sub - Stuffed with Provolone.  Yep, it's a bit messy, but SOOOO worth it.                             

Menu  Made with Love

Homans General Storee.

Now THAT'S a Cheese Steak!  Folks from Philly tell us we have the BEST Cheese Steak they've ever had....We like compliments like those about our food  :)              

Hand-Dipped Hershey's Ice Cream.  Cones, Dishes, Milkshakes . 12 Different Flavors Offered Every Day!

Simply put: We have the BEST Hoagies In The ValleyPILES of the BEST QUALITY Low-Fat meats & cheeses, and LOADS of toppings. You won't go away hungry!   Small 7"   & Large 12"

See You Next Time!